I just opened my Twitter app on iphone and saw @randfish tweeted his favorite web marketing tools in 10 tweets. I thought, “lets put them all in one single blog post”. I just simply grabbed all his ten tweets using DataMiner and published them here.

Also, I have given valuable resources that you can refer to to understand and use the tools effectively.

1. Buzzsumo - A tool to analyze what content performs best for any given topic or competitor.

Resource links:

http://linkarati.com/discover-easy-link-opportunities-via-buzzsumo-tutorial-tuesday/ http://www.searchenginepeople.com/blog/925-buzzsumo-outreach-tool.html http://pointblankseo.com/scalable-link-building#buzzsumo http://www.buzzstream.com/blog/buzzsumo-buzzstream.html

2. Niice.co - Image search engine for visual inspiration.

3. analytics.twitter.com - Twitter analytics to see how you/your brand is doing on Twitter

Resource links: 


4. analytics.moz.com - A new landing pages report that tries to uncover ‘not provided kw data’. I have seen many premium SEO tools that offer this service. I use Search Metrics and that tool also gives you great insights about your ‘not provided data’.

Resource links:


5. freshwebexplorer.moz.com - I just love freshwebexplorer. It’s a great tool to find mentions of a brand, different industry topics or any other keyphrases that you would like to track. If you use this tool effectively you can build high quality links easily. Soon i will write a blog post on this.

Resource links:

http://linkarati.com/tutorial-tuesday-tracking-mentions-creating-alerts-fresh-web-explorer/ http://www.e2msolutions.com/blog/using-fresh-web-explorer-to-build-links-and-exposure/ http://www.buzzstream.com/blog/how-to-use-seomoz-fresh-web-explorer-with-buzzstream.html http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2299968/Link-Building-101-Finding-Web-Mentions

6. keywordtool.io - It’s a keyword tool similar to Ubersuggest that use Google auto-suggestions API to pull the keywords data for a given query.

7. Followerwonk.com - A great tool to identify or analyse your industry influencers for relationship building, reverse guest blogging and advanced outreach.

Resource links:

http://moz.com/blog/using-followerwonk-to-grow-your-twitter-account-whiteboard-friday http://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-link-building-chapter-6/ http://www.stateofdigital.com/how-i-use-followerwonk-and-why-i-love-it/ http://www.slideshare.net/richardbaxterseo/how-seogadget-builds-links-searchlove-london-2012

8. Moz Researchtools- Moz’s research section has different tools that help you for keyword research, link building, tracking web mentions and social analysis. Specific to the snapshot given in the tweet you can actually see different factors that might be contributing to a page to rank in SERP. I have used the same kind of feature in Search Metrics tool and believe me this kind of analysis (irrespective of what tool you use) gives you great insights about your competition.

9. Opensiteexplorer.org- It’s a Link analysis tool which has a feature of sorting top pages by http status code. This small filtering can give you differnt opportunities for link building. So start exploring it today.

Resource links:


10.IFTTT - If you know what IFTTT is then use the recipes published by Seer Interactive on their blog to work smartly and efficiently.

Resource links:


I hope this will help everybody to see all ten tweets with important resources in one article. If you have got any additional resources then please let me know them in your comments. Also this is my first blog post so if you see some weird design things here and there i will fix them soon.